Early morning music has always been a-blaring at Techno Breakfast Club Towers. One Summer, a couple of years ago, this was noticed and, we hope, appreciated by our next door neighbour’s dad, Bill Hindmarsh. Bill had come to house sit for his daughter Chloe. After she returned home from her travels, Chloe was eager and excited to tell us that her Dad’s one comment on his stay had been – “those neighbours of yours – they listen……..to techno…………….at BREAKFAST!!!!!”.

So our name as the Techno Breakfast Clubbers was invented and cemented by Chloe with her making of a plasticine techno breakfast for us! We love techno, we love Sheffield and we love erm …….. breakfast? On this blog you’ll find reviews, interviews, photographs and general techno talk relating to techno clubbing in the Steel City! Check out Betty Bitch for the up to the minute clubbing and music goss and list your techno event here.

Techno Breakfast Club (TBC) are husband and wife Helen and Nick Roffey. Nick is our resident photographer and writes all the music playlists as well as CD and mix reviews. Helen writes the club night reviews and interviews. Oh yeah, and their mate Betty Bitch writes her own blog.


Happy dancing people!


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