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One word mutha flippers – SONAR!!!!! Yes, I HAVE ARRIVED!!! I’ve been greeted by my favourite of all the favourite DJs – Mr Hell himself playing none other than Tresor at new club Almogavers 86. Regis pumped it out afterwards and despite waking up at 3amĀ for my flight to Barca I managed to keep on dancing baybay until the small hours with all those terribly tasty Tresor fans at the fest this year. That was day one, day two was the official festival where my old buddies Kraftwerk put me in heaven for there 2 hour set in the gargantuan Sonar club stage! AUTOBAHN amigos! In 3D no less. My purple hair was blue for the evening and yes – i rocked it like only Betty Bitch knows how! Sunday = Row Town and I don’t think I’ve ever been happier!!! Pelted with water by sexy Spannish firemen, hit in the face with inflatables and cavorting with toy trumpets, flashing hats and sponge saxophones! It was mental, it was ridiculous, it was childish – I LOVED IT!!! Row 14 afterwards for Paul Ritch and Ida Engberg – it doesn’t get much better than a day and night like that! Sonar I love you and until next year – Buenos Noches!

So, it’s the detox (attempted) betwixt Sonar and Ibiza and what better place to spend this interim period than sunning myself and spa – ing it out at Axel – the ultimate GAY hotel in Barcelona! I arrived to see 2 black, exceedingly seedy, PVC, high back chairs in the foyer and I knew I was home! Before I knew it I was sipping on a Pina Colada mixed by an uber pretty, tanned, camp, bar man and bopping away to my Ipod in the sky bar/roof and pool terrace! 3 nights at this Club Tropicana became less of a detox more of a carry on/Ibiza warm up. Oh well, at least this bitch spent a few hours in the spa between cocktails! Roll on DC10!!!