The Glitterous Disco Ball Parade!



Well TBCers! The Glitterous Disco Ball Parade was literally the party to end all parties for this bitch! I partied so hard last Saturday that I have actually …………….(and I mean actually) ………….LOST MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!! Check out the picture for my new look involving minimal above neck action! I know, I know, it is hardly anything to make jokes about and I would be truly mortified (if I was capable of emotion without a head) if it wasn’t for the fact that I lost it in such a magnificent and glittery fashion! This party was so sublime that I was spinning, gyrating and throwing myself around on the mirror ball dance floor none stop for the whole 8 hours! I popped, I krumped and I did the robot until I lost track of all my senses – I literally knocked my block off!

The music was provided by Liam Spillane who pumped out some funky disco and electro numbers to get the crowd going at the start of the night. After that Oliver Cattley cranked up the BPM to play some awesome hard and fast techno and really got the dance floor going! Oli was really spurring on my head shaking action with his non-stop bouncing and grinning behind the decks! TBC residents Omar El Gohary and Simon Bryan were up next and they showed how awesome they sound playing back2back. I was in wild abandon by this point but I certainly remember a packed dance floor full of beaming faces going mad to some classic TBC style techno! James Avery certainly pummelled the TBCers with some hard techno classics. Tiga’s mix of Friendly Fires “Blue Cassette” was a particular favourite! Collect resident Ben Capiter rounded the night off perfectly and left the party crew gagging for more. His set was truly sublime!

Once again, guests of the glitterous parade went the whole hog with their outfits and there wasn’t a glitter free body part in sight! Coloured wigs, glitter top hats, sequin trousers and a disco ball jacket were all on parade! With a party guest travelling all the way from NYC it was a MUST that TBC pulled off a great party – the unbeatably friendly and fun Sheffield party crowd and top quality DJs ensured that her transatlantic flight was well worth it!

I may now be sans head but I’m sure after a bit of sleep and some therapy it will return, until then TBCers – party on!

Betty goes stateside…..




New Yaaaaaaaaawk! New Yaaaaaaaak! This is all I’ve been singing since I got back from the Big Apple for my Easter boogie transatlantic party jaunt! My base for my week of debauchery was an exquisite apartment slap bang in the middle of coolest of the cool areas in Brooklyn – Williamsburg! My hostess was a sensational Russian Sex Bomb with a love of prescription drugs and sexual experimentation. One word FANTANTRIC! I dined in the Spice Market and I sunk super strong cocktails on The Whyte Hotel’s delicious roof terrace taking in the views of the Manhattan skyline over the East River. After drinking my fill of Bloody Mary’s and waltzing around a plethora of Brooklyn’s über cool record shops in an extremely focused way, I focused my mind on what I had really come to NYC to do – P P P PARRRRRRTY!


Verboten, a long running New York night was the first stop on my New York party tour. Luckily this club had just opened in its new home right on the next street to my Russian friend’s party pad! Also luckily, my current house obsession – Lee Burridge was playing a 4 hour set! Hellllloooooooo perfect first New York night out! We got into the club and everything looked swell with beautiful decor and crazy lighting. Lee Burridge’s soul caressing sounds were made even more amazing by the sound system which made me feel like I was wrapped in a warm blanket of smooth house. However, ladies and gents that’s where the fun stopped and annoyance began. The club was full of teenagers who looked like they would be more at home at Embrace in Sheffield than the chic yet grimy dance floors I know and love! After seeing one too many jock/cheerleaders sucking face and being barged by one too many drunken buffoons I realised that I needed to leave. It costs money to touch this bitch don’t ya know (plus my arm might fall off!). From now on Verboten ist Verboten!


I realised that night 2 was gonna be far more my kind of thing when I saw the announcement for the event location. BLKmarket membership had only gone and taken over 88 Palace – a carpeted Chinese restaurant on the top of a Chinese shopping mall underneath Manhattan Bridge. Yes we saw rats on the way there, yes we saw an abundance of waving Chinese cats in every single shop window and yes the restaurant owner was there looking like he was about to have cardiac arrest! The restaurant had been transformed into the kind of back street, techno haven that I simply adore! Dark and dirty with only the scary visuals projected from behind the DJ booth and the wonderful sounds of Matt Dekay for me to lose myself in! Not a snogging kid in sight – thank fack! We boogied our asses off and hands down put those Americans with there terrible dancing to shame! Loosen up brothas and sistas!


The rest of the holiday was spent in a haze of bottles, techno and wigs. Heaven! NYC I had the most ridiculous amount of fun and I will be back but until then I really need to wake up after all this partying …………… better call Dr Schwartz!




Betty gets Loved Up!


As most of you know by now, last weekend was the first proper instalment of TBC’s club night! TBC Loved Up! I graced the basement of The Night Kitchen (FKA DLS) for 6 hours of bone shaking techno with all my nearest and dearest! The weeks beforehand were spent preparing with my TBC buddies, making decorations, blowing up inflatable lips and ordering all manner of loved up paraphernalia including confetti cannons and heart shaped cocktail umbrellas! I was literally in a frenzied whirlwind of hearts and kisses for weeks which suited me and my general well being down to the ground! Of course, I fitted in a couple of pre parties at TBC HQ with the TBC resident DJs to discuss party tunage and just generally crank up our TBC excitement levels!

On the day itself i donned some rather fetching heart shaped nipple tassels which made even Oro (my gold mannequin lover) blush! I looked hot to trot especially with my very own  sexual purple spot light! Yes, ladies and gents, as per usual, it was all about me!

The basement looked super cool with lots of dark graffiti covered in cutesy hearts and smooches. At midnight tasty clubbers started arriving in awesome outfits including multiple coloured wigs, a green mirror ball jacket and make up any drag queen would be proud of! The dance floor became a vision of colour and smiley faces with all the guests entering into the truly Loved Up spirit of the night!

Now you’ve got an idea of the look of the place let me help with the audio! Luke Symonds was first on the decks with a gorgeous house set. A perfect start to the night which really got people bopping on the dance floor. A set highlight for me was Simian Mobile Disco “Cerulean” which had me bouncing around like Tigger on heat. Simon Bryan was next up and by this point the dance floor was really buzzin. Si’s set was dark with some awesome house and techno tunes and at times was in the style of my ultimate gigolo DJ Hell. Can’t really get a better compliment than that from the Bettster! He finished with the amazing Marcel Dettman remix of “Bad Kingdom” by Moderat. Check his set out on our sound cloud page:

Omar El Gohary was on next and boy did this Egyptian maverick pull it out of the bag – his set was banging to say the least and was completely different to those that had gone before. Super hard techno which at times made me completely lose my mind in a state of delirium! Ben Sims featuring Blake Baxter “I wanna go back” was a particular highlight as was the fez hat which topped his head at an appropriately epic point in the music! James Avery was up next and I’ve gotta say, I thought Jay would carry on in the same vein as Omar bearing in mind I didn’t think it could get much harder but no, Jay cranked up the bpm and played a really fast, ridiculously hard techno set! His penultimate tune was the soul grazing: Radioactive Man “Uranium” which had me practically wetting my pants (if I wasn’t made of plastic and just a torso I definitely would have done!). The residents completely blew my mind with the music and had everyone on the dance floor going wild!

TBC Loved Up was a complete success and my head is already buzzin with ideas for our next party! I have just about recovered after an awesome after party and after after party so watch this space for your invitation to TBC part 2!



Check out the rest of our Loved Up photos here:

Betty does Thailand

Sawadee Ka TBC lovers! I am currently floating around in a perpetual meditative state after 2 weeks of sun, yoga and most importantly techno in beautiful Thailand! First stop was Bangkok for 3 days of sky scrapers, lizards and shopping! Night times were spent sipping on sumptuous cocktails in a plethora of the city’s sky bars and dodging flying ping pong balls on Kao San Road.

Next Stop was Haad Tian for NYE and ooooooh baby this place is everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more! A huge room dedicated to Betty’s favourite ……………. glitter, wigs and feathers! Once I’d doused myself in sparkly magic I had the option of not 1 but 2 incredible and free techno parties to say hello to 2014. The first, under the stars at Guy’s Bar and the second up in the mountains over looking an idyllic beach at the one and only Eden! My Thai squeeze and I yo-yoed from one dance floor to the other for a good 14 hours and literally danced our little asses off along with fire throwers, hula hoppers and all manner of other loveable circus freaks. It was a new year like no other!

I had planned some R and R following NYE because as you TBCers know, I am a crazy party animal and I’ve literally gone off like a rocket in 2013. I booked myself into The Sanctuary which appeared to be a health resort on the beach with yoga, meditation and detoxes on offer. Well, you wouldn’t believe my surprise (and delight!) when I realised that The Sanctuary (code name fucked up party paradise) is actually on Haad Tian and literally slap bang in the middle of Guys Bar and Eden! Ha! I arrived on a Friday to be told that nothing happens on a Saturday, there are no classes, no mediation, no nothing as there is a huge party at Guys bar every Friday night. And yes, there was a party and not to mention that, this party did not finish until 4pm on Saturday! AND………………. when it did finish………………………………………………….another party started at Eden straight after and went on until Sunday lunchtime! When I eventually straightened my wig and stretched out my over danced, battered and bruised body after all this partying with a yoga class, I was greeted by the same guy I had seen dancing around on acid looking like a mental wizard only hours before in Eden! He was the yoga instructor!!! The Sanctuary is a messed up, crazy place – I FACKIN LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!


Betty gets festive…..

Well party princes and princesses, it is officially the party season and as you can see from my new pic, I am glaming it up like nobody’s business! Sparkles and feathers , sequins and glitter they are the name of the game! To kick off the festivities I had a crazy little jaunt down to the big smoke to hang in Seth Troxler’s new restaurant- “Smokey Tails”. What a place to chow down on a few tasty chunks of meat, knock back a few super strong margueritas and catch up with my bitchettes all to the sound of some sexy melodic house beats. What could be a better aural accompaniment to a Friday night dinner soirée?! Saturday night was all about the pent house party and what a dazzlingly awesome pent house this was especially when I found the walk in wardrobe (erm I’m just gona hang out in here all night ok guys?)  Soon however this heaven turned to hell when the music went from dreamy to demonic in 2 seconds flat. 3 words TBCers: R – Kelly – “Ignition”. I was out of there faster than you could say “married a minor”. Thankfully I was soon in the safe haven of the elite crew after party – awwwww yeah! Now I’m floating around in a seemingly endless river of festive parties! Don’t for a second however think that i’ve swapped my swanky cocktails for some kind of hot drink with cloves (WTF?) – it’s bellinis all the way for Betty B. Thank god I’m made of plastic cos otherwise I reckon my liver would be having a serious word with me! Now all that’s left to do is sink a few more, eat a few of those cute little piggies in blankets and board the plane……………..Oh yeah, didn’t I mention my Boxing Day flight to Thailand? Club Eden here I come! สุขสันต์วันคริสต์มาส to all you awesome TBCers catch you when I return with tales of all my lady boy antics!    BettyTBCXmas

Betty’s at it again …………..

Well Techno Troop, where do I begin. The last couple of weeks has been a time of wonder and amazement in the world of The Bitch (TM). Knowing that techno is the true and literal love of my life you will probably have some idea at how happy I was to set foot in a festival tent where the line up was Jeff Mills, followed by Skirt followed by Karenn with Surgeon and Marcel Dettman bringing up the rear. Yes TBCers I’m talking about Mint Fest and I’m talking about the dirty, dark cavern of dreams that was the Black Light arena! OH MY DAYS THAT SHIT WAS HOT! I gyrated like a wild animal for around 10 hours only breaking the techno marathon with 2 hours of aural pleasure from the Innervisions god himself, Dixon, headlining the System Tent. What a joyous occasion was had by all my little minty fresh crew. I can’t possibly not mention the hideous discovery I made when observing any festival goer other than the infinitely cool inhabitants of Black Light though. 2 words: 90s throwbacks! WTF? Huge neon pink caps with studs and a wife beater does not a great festival look make mate! Yes, my ex Biggie Smalls could pull it off in the 90s but he was waaaaaaaay cooler than you! Get a grip!

Anyway, rant over! I am now decidedly excited about my next techno soiree tonight – the much anticipated/salivated over Collect Weekender! Dixon, Stephan Bodzin, – Come to Mama!

And blog round 2 ……………… oh my freaking god – Collect was INCREDIBLEUGH! Seriously guys, I was just blown away by the glory of this night. Every single DJ on the line up completely smashed all of my (very high) expectations into smithereens. On top of that, Collect have managed to create such a feel good, positive vibe where even some one as cool as a cucumber like me could not help but beam from ear to ear at every gorgeous little clubber in that place! I won’t go into details now TBCers but watch this space for a very special interview with the Collect boys along with a full review of the night in the very near future! Until then cherry pies!


Betty Bitch…………

Well TBCers…………..where the hell do I begin? That was quite a humdinger of a bank holiday weekend! I’ve been left with rather a windswept look as you can see after a mind blowing 14 hour party! Yes party people I’m talking my very own, TBC launch party! It was faaaaaaaaaabalooooous! I bopped away to the delicious disco sounds of Lukey Symonds followed by techno paradise from Si Bryan, James Avery and Omar El Gohary! I shared my podium with super stylish pink flamingos, cutey animal umbrellas and my FB Oro the super sexy Gold Mannequin! Boy does he know how to party in style, sometimes I think he’s almost as cool as me! (Then I get back in the real world and remember that frankly I’m the coolest person on the planet!) I massively enjoyed getting up to mischief with all the TBC family and CANNOT WAIT for our next pandemonium filled party!!! Watch this space TBCers because next time, you’re all invited! Be there or be triangular!!!!


Betty Bitch Blogs Again


Howdy dudey TBCers, it’s that time of year again! Yes, yes ya’ll, I’m talking Tram to the Lines! I’m currently recovering after a non-stop musical magic carpet Megaride around my all time favourite city and home! Friday saw Dense and Pika belting it out in true technotastic fashion at DLS. The only problem was how damn popular this place was! To arrive and be told the queue is likely to last 4 hours, wasn’t exactly what I’d been hoping to hear as I prepped myself for my glam entrance! Thank The Lord, I could just call my darling friends who run the place to usher me in the back door! It’s all about the contacts baby! Saturday saw my old Hacienda buddy Graeme Park take to the decks at Viper Rooms but I didn’t stay there long, the crowd simply weren’t cool enough! Bloo 88 terrace for Delve Deeper on the other hand was cool as cool can be. Oh how I adored dancing to those sublime house tunes. Look out for more parties there over the summer folks it’s the sunshine venue to see and be seen at! Laters techno tartlets!

Betty Bitch’s Blog


One word mutha flippers – SONAR!!!!! Yes, I HAVE ARRIVED!!! I’ve been greeted by my favourite of all the favourite DJs – Mr Hell himself playing none other than Tresor at new club Almogavers 86. Regis pumped it out afterwards and despite waking up at 3am for my flight to Barca I managed to keep on dancing baybay until the small hours with all those terribly tasty Tresor fans at the fest this year. That was day one, day two was the official festival where my old buddies Kraftwerk put me in heaven for there 2 hour set in the gargantuan Sonar club stage! AUTOBAHN amigos! In 3D no less. My purple hair was blue for the evening and yes – i rocked it like only Betty Bitch knows how! Sunday = Row Town and I don’t think I’ve ever been happier!!! Pelted with water by sexy Spannish firemen, hit in the face with inflatables and cavorting with toy trumpets, flashing hats and sponge saxophones! It was mental, it was ridiculous, it was childish – I LOVED IT!!! Row 14 afterwards for Paul Ritch and Ida Engberg – it doesn’t get much better than a day and night like that! Sonar I love you and until next year – Buenos Noches!

So, it’s the detox (attempted) betwixt Sonar and Ibiza and what better place to spend this interim period than sunning myself and spa – ing it out at Axel – the ultimate GAY hotel in Barcelona! I arrived to see 2 black, exceedingly seedy, PVC, high back chairs in the foyer and I knew I was home! Before I knew it I was sipping on a Pina Colada mixed by an uber pretty, tanned, camp, bar man and bopping away to my Ipod in the sky bar/roof and pool terrace! 3 nights at this Club Tropicana became less of a detox more of a carry on/Ibiza warm up. Oh well, at least this bitch spent a few hours in the spa between cocktails! Roll on DC10!!!

Betty Bitch ………………..


20th April 2013
Helloooooo my perfect little sailors! Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine today and getting in the mood for an all round amazing techno heaven Summer! What better way to start the weekend than with the melodic sounds of Catz and Dogz on the Essential Mix. Errrrrr hello sun drenched Saturday morning perfection!!!! Currently listening to this for the second time today (!) yes I am obsessed and you should be too darlings! Hit that download button and quick sharp!
Had a lovely little jaunt into town earlier and down to the Old Grain Warehouse to catch up with my buddies at Connect the Dots! Check out the interview with Abdullah Al-wali who helped to curate this exciting event! Safe to say I enjoyed getting whacky in the warehouse, had my mind blown by a giant Spirograph and looked with awe at Shaun Bloodworth’s wonderful photography of Berlin! He da man! And the music, hmmm the music. One word: Reggae……….REGGAE?!!! Emm put techno on immediately! They didn’t, Madness came on, I left!