The Glitterous Disco Ball Parade!



Well TBCers! The Glitterous Disco Ball Parade was literally the party to end all parties for this bitch! I partied so hard last Saturday that I have actually …………….(and I mean actually) ………….LOST MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!! Check out the picture for my new look involving minimal above neck action! I know, I know, it is hardly anything to make jokes about and I would be truly mortified (if I was capable of emotion without a head) if it wasn’t for the fact that I lost it in such a magnificent and glittery fashion! This party was so sublime that I was spinning, gyrating and throwing myself around on the mirror ball dance floor none stop for the whole 8 hours! I popped, I krumped and I did the robot until I lost track of all my senses – I literally knocked my block off!

The music was provided by Liam Spillane who pumped out some funky disco and electro numbers to get the crowd going at the start of the night. After that Oliver Cattley cranked up the BPM to play some awesome hard and fast techno and really got the dance floor going! Oli was really spurring on my head shaking action with his non-stop bouncing and grinning behind the decks! TBC residents Omar El Gohary and Simon Bryan were up next and they showed how awesome they sound playing back2back. I was in wild abandon by this point but I certainly remember a packed dance floor full of beaming faces going mad to some classic TBC style techno! James Avery certainly pummelled the TBCers with some hard techno classics. Tiga’s mix of Friendly Fires “Blue Cassette” was a particular favourite! Collect resident Ben Capiter rounded the night off perfectly and left the party crew gagging for more. His set was truly sublime!

Once again, guests of the glitterous parade went the whole hog with their outfits and there wasn’t a glitter free body part in sight! Coloured wigs, glitter top hats, sequin trousers and a disco ball jacket were all on parade! With a party guest travelling all the way from NYC it was a MUST that TBC pulled off a great party – the unbeatably friendly and fun Sheffield party crowd and top quality DJs ensured that her transatlantic flight was well worth it!

I may now be sans head but I’m sure after a bit of sleep and some therapy it will return, until then TBCers – party on!

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