Playlist December 2013

P1000864Breach – DJ Kicks (2013)

Oliver Huntemann Pres. Funf – Five Years Ideal Audio inc. mix by Andre Winter (2013)

Joseph Capriati – Self Portrait (2013)

Various Artists – Weapons of Choice #30-39 – 50 Weapons (2013)

Pete Tong b2b Eats Everything & Sasha – Warehouse Project 20th Anniversary BBC Essential Mix (2013)

Harvard Bass – Stay True (feat. Green Velvet) (2013)

Various Artists – Selected Label Works 4, Permanent Vacation (2013)

Various Artists – Selected Label Works 2 & 3, Permanent Vacation (2010 & 2011)

Trentemoller – Lost (2013)

Nina Kraviz – Mr. Jones (2013)

ZZT – Partys Over Earth (2011)

Fenech Soler – Rituals (2013)

Various Artists – Pete Tong Collection (2013 – Triple CD)

Dexter – The Trip (2013) 

Claude Von Stroke – BBC Essential Mix (2013)

Midnight Magic – Midnight Creepers (2013)

Rudimental – Warehouse Project 20th Anniversary BBC Essential Mix (2013)

Paul Woolford b2b James Zabiela – Warehouse Project 20th Anniversary BBC Essential Mix (2013)

Rudimental – Home (2013)

Drexciya – Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller VI (2013)

 John Digweed – Live in Argentina (2013)

Various Artists – 10 Years Crosstown Rebels (2013)

DJ T. presents 25 Years of DJing 1988-2012 Part 1 – Get Physical (2013)

Kolsch – 1977 (2013) *

Bloody Mary – Wilde Podcast #013 (2011)

Bloody Mary – Fabric Promo Mix (2013)

The Classics

Sneaker Pimps – Becoming Remixed (1998)

Soulwax – Most of the Remixes (2007)

Armand Van Helden – Ghettoblaster (2007) – first album at casa de Roffey in 2007

Tom Middleton – Sound of the Cosmos (2002)

Aeroplane – BBC Essential Mix – 500th Anniversary Mix @ Circus Liverpool (2010)

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas to all you TBCers who have been so kind to join in and run through our December playlist. There have been some excellent releases during the holiday season, we have cracked out some older gems and had a good old root around on the internet for the best podcasts and radio shows. The list features over 30 albums, live sets or mixes that we would recommend for a festive party, chilling out with family over Christmas or to be cranked up and blared out in true TBC style over the New Years celebrations. Hope you enjoy and have a great Xmas break.

In this months list we have got some great diversity for you with the traditional end of year collections from Permanent Vacation (Disco/House) and an old school collection from Pete Tong (house, rave, techno, trance), Anniversary radio shows from BBC Essential Mix celebrating 20 years at the Warehouse Project in Manchester (3 weeks of WHP Essential mixes were aired at the end of 2013) along with the new releases and ‘the classics’. We have even thrown in some Hip Hop from Dexter (German artist), Urban from Rudimental, Electro-Indie from ZZT (Tiga’s band named after their favourite band ZZ Top) & Fenech Soler and some experimental electronica from Trentemoller. All in all we have been very very busy at TBC getting through all this music to ensure that we could bring you a bumper Christmas playlist that our loyal TBC fans deserve.

The shortlist this month:

Armand Van Helden – Ghettoblaster (2007) – Starting with a classic, and boy is this a classic and a half, from the legend of New York Garage and House music Armand Van Helden. Having been looking through some old CD’s and skimming through some recent mixes (including his Duck Sauce Essential Mix with A Trak in 2013 and some old Tiga shows) we found Ghettoblaster which has so many good memories for us at TBC HQ as it was the first album played when me moved into our current apartment in 2007. What a party that was and what an album this is. Great party disco/electro tracks that you will be singing, dancing and generally going crazy to once this album is played, trust me we have succumbed to this many a time! A highly recommended listen especially with NYE just around the corner and for anyone wanting to recreate a NYC loft party vibe from either the 90’s or naughties.

Breach – DJ Kicks (2013) – 2013 has been a big year for DJ Kicks and Breach (A.K.A Ben Westbeech) which in some way makes this combination on the recent Dj Kicks compilation a match made in heaven. Dj Kicks started the year of with a mix from Maceo Plex (A.K.A Maetrik) which was a solid release but failed to really hit home, however the later 2013 release of John Talabot was where Dj Kicks really showed off with one of the best releases this year and, not to rest on the laurels, they then squeezed out one final release in the year from Breach. The latter release is superb and has been enjoyed on multiple occasions this month both in TBC HQ and out and about on our travels . This mix starts with the blissed out house we are used to from Ben Westbeech, progresses onto spacey, disco vibes, then into some more gritty urban feeling tracks before culminating in the samba-esque, steel drum extravaganza of Sabre Nightdrive to Bolland. If you miss this Dj Kicks you will be missing out and if you own all three from 2013 you can give yourself a pat on the back for some amazing music procurement this year and some great aural senses.

Various Artists – Selected Label Works 4, Permanent Vacation (2013) – The annual collection releases from record labels can sometimes  be seen as a ‘cash-in’ opportunity by many of the avid collectors of each EP, LP or single release and to many as including some of the not so revered tracks from the past year which you have to delete or skip as to avoid when listening. If you know of Permanent Vacation (PERMVAC) you will know that this is not the case with their Selected Label Works series of releases, the German Disco record label knows how to show off their wares. The recent volume 4 was highly anticipated at TBC following the enjoyment the previous volumes of this series have brought to us not only in the sheer quality of each release, that leave you bopping and swaying about until the collection is finished, but the education it provides in new artists and the nu-wave of disco that continues to be released via PERMVAC. The artist list on their releases is nothing short of impressive, including; Roisin Murphy (formally in Moloko), Tensnake, John  Talabot, Mano Le Tough and Arto Mwambe. This is well worth the investment while sitting round your family’s this Christmas as it will have everyone (including your Gran) dancing away or for a quality selection to kick off your NYE celebrations.

Kolsch – 1977 (2013) – This guy is going to have a great 2014 in our opinion at TBC. Not only is 1977 an amazing debut release but he is being tipped by Peter Tong for big things in 2014 including the first BBC Essential Mix in 2014 which is a great accolade for Kolsch who has played the dark horse in 2013. 1977 was released in the middle of 2013 and was quickly found by TBC who have enjoyed in multiple occasions since. The production is sublime and the music ranges from house to a trancey/progressive sound which suits an early warm up or a post clubbing chill out session. There is some great variation on this album and you will have your favourites; Der Alta reminds us of Pocket Piano from Dj Mehdi (RIP),  Siberpfeil hints of a Bpitch/Apparat-esque haunting, epic sounds, Loreley and Zig remind us of Booka Shade and there are urban, electro numbers along with serious quality house tracks. The ability to produce tracks from such a range of styles while creating an album that flows well and always keep you hooked until the end on your first album really sets Kolsch off on the right foot. Here’s hoping that in 2014 he continues to progress and transfers his sound to radio shows and live shows for all of our enjoyment. One to Watch!

John Digweed – Live in Argentina (2013) – The legend John Digweed continues to release mix compilations, record label collections, live mixes and a radio show at a scary, unrelenting rate. Historically I have enjoyed Renaissance, Northern Exposure, Global Underground, Bedrock releases and BBC Essential Mixes of which I still treasure many. Having seen ‘Diggers’ live on many occasions and witnessed some of the best mixes I have ever heard I always look forward to a new ‘Live Mix’ CD or radioshow. Unfortunately having seen and heard a lot of ‘Diggers’ over the years I am also aware of the more mundane, less enjoyable side that can sometimes end up in your CD player or PC playlist. This results in a great deal of apprehension when another of the ‘Live at…’ mix cd is released especially as the previous entries have varied from amazing to the more middle of the road release that just doesn’t seem to go anywhere. To my delight the new collection recorded in two locations in Argentina; Metropolitano in Rosario and Mandarine Park in Buenos Aires, over 4 CDs is superb. It doesn’t take long for the bass to start thumping, we are treated to a great journey through progressive (some Trancey numbers), house and but mainly not straying too far from Techno which we at TBC particularly enjoyed. If you can find yourself a few hours, large speakers and get through the full box set you will find yourself well and truly pulverised by this mix, a great addition to Mr.Digweed’s Live series.

Dexter – The Trip (2013) – The left field selection in December comes from Dexter a German Hip Hop artist, this  is the third album released by Dexter in his career. We stumbled upon this album while perusing a selection of releases and from the first listen have been captivated by the Hip Hop style that Dexter presents. Harking back to a DJ Shadow-esque trip hop/hip hop style that reminds us of early Mo Wax releases in the 1990s this album brings a modern and current spin to this style as enjoyed via the Gorillaz in the early 2000’s . Chilling at home is where this album is best enjoyed, the bass and melodies in the tracks will have you hooked from start to finish. If you are looking for an alternative album for an Xmas present, have a hankering for some quality new Hip Hop or just fancy a change this is a great place to start. Looking forward to more from Dexter.

It has been very difficult to make a choice for the best of Decembers playlist and this has divided opinions at TBC HQ. This is down to the sheer quality of music this month and this makes picking a favourite very difficult however after some extended deliberation we have gone with our selection due to its quality and varied production exhibited throughout the album:

Kolsch – 1977 (2013)

Merry Christmas everyone, have a great holiday and New Year. TBC are off on their travels for a few weeks to Thailand so will see you in the New Year for tales of our travels & exploits along with our selection of the best from 2013 along with our favourite release of the year.


Cargo 9th November 2013 – Axel Boman Secret Warehouse Party

Well TBCers, if you have been living in some kind of hole (k or otherwise) for the past few years and you don’t know already, Cargo is Sheffield’s longest running techno and house night. It’s varied selection of DJs, everyone from Mark Broom to DJ Sneak, has helped to gather a diverse following for Cargo and TBC have been known to shimmy on down under their gargantuan disco ball on many an occasion! When the most recent party was announced 2 things instantly grabbed our attention. Número uno: headline DJ Axel Boman. Número duo: Secret Warehouse Location. What’s not to love TBCers? Pre- existing Boman admiration, intrigue and a love of industrial party settings meant that tickets were quickly snapped up by yours truly.

On the night itself we got to the club around 1.30am to be told that Axel was on at 2- perfect! The warehouse was located opposite Hopeworks and certainly packed a punch. It was on the cleaner, less grimy side than HW which TBC found preferable and it still maintained that rawness and industrial edge loved by so many Steel City Clubbers. It was the perfect size with bar area on entry and curtained off dance floor and DJ booth at the end. Cargo had really made an effort with the visuals. Gorgeous, shapes and symbols in soft, pinks, purples and greens were projected on the wall. This made a nice change to the cool but frankly sometimes rather disturbing visuals generally seen in warehouse venues and certainly suited the bill of music for the night.

On that note, enough about pretty lights and dancing space, “what about the music?” I hear you cry! Chris Moore, one of the Cargo Residents, and one half of Growmore was on when TBC arrived and we saw the last half an hour of his set. Gotta say, it wasn’t exactly doing it for us and there was a very noticeable change in quality when Axel B graced the decks. What can be said about his set? Where the hell do I start? It was phenomenal! If you have heard his production work then you would probably expect, as we did, some pretty dreamy, luxurious , mellow house from Mr B but no, his DJ set was in a different league. He stepped up his set perfectly for the club and delighted clubbers with a set of upbeat, driving, immensely pleasurable house, techno and disco. He did that thing that only a master DJ can do where he literally makes you feel like he is reading your mind and each song played is exactly what you needed to hear next. His crowd reading was second to none and as good as TBC favourite Ellen Allien, which is really saying something coming from us. Not only this folks but he was billed to play for 2 hours yet carried on playing for 4 when James Maplebeck, one of the Cargo boys, told him how long he’d played he uttered in disbelief, “what, your kidding? I told you to kick me off!?”. Hmmmm yeah, don’t think that was going to happen some how! 3 words party people: “IN THE ZONE!”. He would have carried on as well and the Cargo boys were trying madly to keep the bouncers from stopping the party with revellers treated to way more tunes than the original curfew had provided for only stopped when the killjoy bouncers turned all the lights on! Standard Sheffield party goers/promoters/DJs flagrant disregard of the rules in favour of a huge carry on!

This night was frickin awesome, the best Cargo that TBC has been to (and there have been a lot)! Well done guys this one was a real winner and not even the rude boys, with the gold teeth, shouting at the end “WHERE THE AFTER PARTY AT???” (erm anywhere you’re not!) could wipe the huge grins off our faces!

So if you like the sound of that, get yourselves down to Cargo v Ryad presents Subb-an and Adam Shelton on New Years Eve. Venue to be announced.


Betty gets festive…..

Well party princes and princesses, it is officially the party season and as you can see from my new pic, I am glaming it up like nobody’s business! Sparkles and feathers , sequins and glitter they are the name of the game! To kick off the festivities I had a crazy little jaunt down to the big smoke to hang in Seth Troxler’s new restaurant- “Smokey Tails”. What a place to chow down on a few tasty chunks of meat, knock back a few super strong margueritas and catch up with my bitchettes all to the sound of some sexy melodic house beats. What could be a better aural accompaniment to a Friday night dinner soirée?! Saturday night was all about the pent house party and what a dazzlingly awesome pent house this was especially when I found the walk in wardrobe (erm I’m just gona hang out in here all night ok guys?)  Soon however this heaven turned to hell when the music went from dreamy to demonic in 2 seconds flat. 3 words TBCers: R – Kelly – “Ignition”. I was out of there faster than you could say “married a minor”. Thankfully I was soon in the safe haven of the elite crew after party – awwwww yeah! Now I’m floating around in a seemingly endless river of festive parties! Don’t for a second however think that i’ve swapped my swanky cocktails for some kind of hot drink with cloves (WTF?) – it’s bellinis all the way for Betty B. Thank god I’m made of plastic cos otherwise I reckon my liver would be having a serious word with me! Now all that’s left to do is sink a few more, eat a few of those cute little piggies in blankets and board the plane……………..Oh yeah, didn’t I mention my Boxing Day flight to Thailand? Club Eden here I come! สุขสันต์วันคริสต์มาส to all you awesome TBCers catch you when I return with tales of all my lady boy antics!    BettyTBCXmas