Cargo 9th November 2013 – Axel Boman Secret Warehouse Party

Well TBCers, if you have been living in some kind of hole (k or otherwise) for the past few years and you don’t know already, Cargo is Sheffield’s longest running techno and house night. It’s varied selection of DJs, everyone from Mark Broom to DJ Sneak, has helped to gather a diverse following for Cargo and TBC have been known to shimmy on down under their gargantuan disco ball on many an occasion! When the most recent party was announced 2 things instantly grabbed our attention. Número uno: headline DJ Axel Boman. Número duo: Secret Warehouse Location. What’s not to love TBCers? Pre- existing Boman admiration, intrigue and a love of industrial party settings meant that tickets were quickly snapped up by yours truly.

On the night itself we got to the club around 1.30am to be told that Axel was on at 2- perfect! The warehouse was located opposite Hopeworks and certainly packed a punch. It was on the cleaner, less grimy side than HW which TBC found preferable and it still maintained that rawness and industrial edge loved by so many Steel City Clubbers. It was the perfect size with bar area on entry and curtained off dance floor and DJ booth at the end. Cargo had really made an effort with the visuals. Gorgeous, shapes and symbols in soft, pinks, purples and greens were projected on the wall. This made a nice change to the cool but frankly sometimes rather disturbing visuals generally seen in warehouse venues and certainly suited the bill of music for the night.

On that note, enough about pretty lights and dancing space, “what about the music?” I hear you cry! Chris Moore, one of the Cargo Residents, and one half of Growmore was on when TBC arrived and we saw the last half an hour of his set. Gotta say, it wasn’t exactly doing it for us and there was a very noticeable change in quality when Axel B graced the decks. What can be said about his set? Where the hell do I start? It was phenomenal! If you have heard his production work then you would probably expect, as we did, some pretty dreamy, luxurious , mellow house from Mr B but no, his DJ set was in a different league. He stepped up his set perfectly for the club and delighted clubbers with a set of upbeat, driving, immensely pleasurable house, techno and disco. He did that thing that only a master DJ can do where he literally makes you feel like he is reading your mind and each song played is exactly what you needed to hear next. His crowd reading was second to none and as good as TBC favourite Ellen Allien, which is really saying something coming from us. Not only this folks but he was billed to play for 2 hours yet carried on playing for 4 when James Maplebeck, one of the Cargo boys, told him how long he’d played he uttered in disbelief, “what, your kidding? I told you to kick me off!?”. Hmmmm yeah, don’t think that was going to happen some how! 3 words party people: “IN THE ZONE!”. He would have carried on as well and the Cargo boys were trying madly to keep the bouncers from stopping the party with revellers treated to way more tunes than the original curfew had provided for only stopped when the killjoy bouncers turned all the lights on! Standard Sheffield party goers/promoters/DJs flagrant disregard of the rules in favour of a huge carry on!

This night was frickin awesome, the best Cargo that TBC has been to (and there have been a lot)! Well done guys this one was a real winner and not even the rude boys, with the gold teeth, shouting at the end “WHERE THE AFTER PARTY AT???” (erm anywhere you’re not!) could wipe the huge grins off our faces!

So if you like the sound of that, get yourselves down to Cargo v Ryad presents Subb-an and Adam Shelton on New Years Eve. Venue to be announced.


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