TBC mix numero uno!

Hey there TBCers! Feast yours ears on the first of, what we hope will be, many mixes from the TBC friends and family! First off the marks is TBC resident DJ and all round bundle of awesomeness Si Bryan.

Get your lug ‘oles round this:


TBC Playlist 28.10 to 22.11


Green Velvet – Unshakeable (2013)

Axel Boman – Family Vacation (2013)

Dj Alfredo – Ibiza Spotlight Pres. The Heritage Project (2012)

Motor City Drum Ensemble – DJ Kicks (2011)

John Talabot – Dj Kicks (2013)*

L.B.Corp & P.A.S (Luke Slater) – Resident Advisor Podcast #389 (2013)

Dj Tennis – Live @ Panorama Bar (17.02.13)

Machinedrum – BBC Essential Mix (16.11.2013)

Boys Noize – Fabric Live #72 (2013)

Various Artists – In The Dark: Detroit is Back (2013)

Bonobo – Later Night Tales (2013)

Lee Burridge – Live @ Robot Heart – Burning Man Festival 2013

Special Request (Paul Woolford) – Soul Music (2013)

Gesaffelstein – I Love Techno 2013 (2013)

Gesaffelstein – Aleph (2013)

Tiga – FACT Podcast #411 (2013)

Dj Bobafatt – Death Waltz’s Halloween Mix FACT Podcast #407 (2013)

Benjamin Damage – Heliosphere (2013)

Letherette – Letherette (2013)

Sven Vath – In the Mix : The Sound of the 14th Season (2013)

Azari & III – Body Language Vol.13 (2013)

Marcel Dettmann -Conducted (2011)

Gary Beck – Bring a Friend (2013)

Factory Floor – Factory Floor (2013)

Four Tet – Beautiful Rewind (2013)

Mark Houle – Undercover (2013)

Tube & Berger – Raveline Mix Session (2013)

Scuba – Update (2013)

Various Artists – 30 Years of R&S Records (2013)

The Classics:

Nick Warren – BBC Essential Mix (20.08.1995)

Johannes Heil – Freaks R Us (2006)

Gregor Tresher – Neon (2006)

Mauro Picotto – Meganite Vol.3 (2006)

Kevin Saunderson – Faces & Phases (1996)

Roisin Murphy – Overpowered (2007)

Phew!… its been a while but its good to be back and writing up the TBC music highlights of the last month. There are no fewer than 35 mixes, CD’s and podcasts that we have managed to  bundle into this months playlist and what a bumper playlist it is. This volume of music represents some quality listening time at TBC HQ during an unnaturally quiet month and the wealth of music that has been released recently, some of which is spectacular. There are also some ‘Golden Oldies’ that have been dug out from the collection and dusted down for a reminisce. Some of which we are sure will feature on your all time greatest album/mixes lists.

This is now the fourth appearance of the TBC playlist so you should all know the format by now but if you don’t, our favourite mixes are highlighted above in bold and the best will have a ‘*’ next to it, our mark of appreciation for a supreme effort by that DJ, Producer or Artist. We hope you enjoy the review below and having a root around to source the music and appreciate it as much as we have.

The Shortlist:

To start with the Classics:

Nick Warren – BBC Essential Mix (20.08.1995) – If any of you are lucky enough to have an arsenal of BBC Essential Mixes that includes gems going back as far as 1995 or have a selection of mixes from some of the greatest electronic artists in the last 3 decades you will undoubtably have this little number. 2 hours of Classic Nick Warren taking us on a journey from psy, trance, house , progressive and techno. This mix had been hidden away for a long time but a recommendation from a friend encouraged me to go searching for it and boy was I pleased I persevered and found it. I would highly recommend you do the same and get searching, you won’t be disappointed.

Mauro Picotto – Meganite Vol.3 (2006) – Mauro Picotto has been a favourite of mine going back to the ‘reach for the lasers’ era of trance in the 90’s/00’s with Lizard, Iguana, Awesome & Bangkok where I was fortunate to experience some amazing Picotto sets at  Gatecrasher (6-8 hour sets!) and a number of other nights/festivals. What became apparent in these sets was that Picotto had a seriously dark side and his love of crazy techno and electro was infectious, resulting in my growing love of techno. His Meganite Ibiza residency has been famous and notorious with many tales of dark, sweaty, packed, loud, monstrous, techno-laden nights. This is the third volume of the mix Cd compilation that accompanied the night and it is brilliant. Gregor Tresher, Joris Voorn, Stephan Bodzin, Oliver Huntemann, Adam Beyer, Maetrik (early appearance for Maceo Plex who was to become massive a few years later) and the legend himself Picotto all provide tracks for a superbly mixed and compiled selection of electro and techno stompers. A must own!

Now for the recent releases:

Gesaffelstein – I Love Techno 2013 (2013) – Having been a long running fan of the I love Techno series going back to the legendary Marco Bailey I Love Techno 2001 – Issue 02 I am always a little apprehensive when a new volume is released. This is only too easy to understand since I Love Techno has pursued a more popular music scene at its festivals in recent years with their respective CD’s by Steve Aoki (2010) and Erol Alkan (2012) not being my cup of tea. This apprehension was misplaced when one of my recent past French favourites Gesaffelstein was drafted in to mix the most recent 2013 edition. This mix is superb, right up our street at TBC; ranging from electro to storming techno this mix has been enjoyed on more than one occasion in the last month and has been a great treat when driving, especially on the long drives where I may have been seen bopping around in my car! The CD peaks with The Hacker’s, Pure Energy and ends with a gem from Gesaffelstein’s new album (Aleph – listed above) called Pursuit.

Lee Burridge – Live @ Robot Heart – Burning Man Festival 2013 & Dj Tennis – Live @ Panorama Bar (17.02.13) – It’s a rare treat to find two epic mixes from either club nights or festivals but this month we have one from Lee Burridge and a second from (the comically named) DJ Tennis clocking in at 4 hours 1 minute and 2 hours 43 minutes respectively. Both mixes are superb and well worth the time investment as they rarely falter, delivering a huge range of house, electro and techno that could provide the music for the entire duration of a house party! The legendary Burning Man Festival has provided great mixes before from Thugfucker and Damian Lazarus right from the heart of Black Rock Desert in Nevada and Panorama Bar continues to spoil us with yet another legendary set (there are literally too many to name).

Here are links to both, I hope you can download and enjoy:

And Finally….almost running out of energy at this point but spurned on by the best in the selection this time round…

John Talabot – Dj Kicks (2013)* – Being resident in our favourite city outside of the UK, Barcelona, John Talabot is somewhat of a dark horse on the European electronic music scene. Slowly building his image, status and style from one of the best debut albums I have ever heard, Fin (2012), John Talabot remains an elusive DJ and producer appearing on few line ups and treating us with only the odd remix and podcast. We should not be deterred by the infrequent releases and appearances but motivated to find a night where we can experience John Talabots genius. This new entry into an already well established Dj Kicks roster (one which TBC are VERY familiar with) really goes to town with a an amazing journey of blissed out electronica to beautiful house music and on to more techier sounds later in the CD. This CD can literally be enjoyed at any time of the day; early morning wake up call, midday relax or evening party and allows John Talabot to entertain us with 27 tracks in a superbly crafted mix. Particular highlights are Axel Boman’s Klinsmann, Motor City Drum Ensemble’s Escape to Nowhere and Talaboman (Talabot and Axel Boman!) Sideral. This will be one of the CD’s of 2013 and will be on our playlist for some time at TBC HQ. A must buy for everyone.

Many thanks to everyone who has managed to make it this far through this recent TBC playlist, hope you enjoy and see you all soon!

Thanks for reading.


Axel Boman – ‘Family Vacation’, new album review


For those of you that are already feeling the Axel B sound after some of his previous releases such as ‘Purple Drank’ and ‘Holy Love’ hit the big time, you won’t be disappointed by his new, debut, album, ‘Family Vacation’. ‘Family Vacation’ is a sublime little album which takes the listener on a magic carpet ride throwing lots of experimental sounds and influences in along the way but maintaining that hallmark dreamy, blissed out Axel Boman style of house throughout.

If any of you TBCers were lucky enough to see Axel when he played at Cargo earlier in the month then you’ll know how varied this guy’s musical knowledge is and that certainly shines through on the album.

‘No Sweden’ has an Arabian Nights sound to it, Betty was strutting her stuff doing an impression of the Prince of Persia to this one!

‘Son of a plumber’ (not sure if the this is the sequel to ‘Son of a Preacher Man’?) has a really nice chunky percussion groove. Definitely one of the more danceable numbers on the album.

‘Barcelona’ is as delicious as the city itself with a slightly old school RnB tinge but seriously DO NOT let that put you off, it’s ace!

Word of warning though TBCers and this is especially going out to those who did see Axel at Cargo, his production style is very different to his DJing style. The album is far more relaxed and laid back than his upbeat, energetic club sets. In TBC’s view the perfect time to listen to ‘Family Vacation’ is on a train. Betty did and according to her it suited her environment exquisitely! All aboard! This isn’t one for blasting out before a big night out peeps be sure of that, it may have you reaching for your pjs rather than your spangly dancing shoes! Its brilliant for winding down at an after party though (when those pjs will no doubt be out and proud!)

All in all, ‘Family Vacation’ is an extremely well crafted debut which isn’t afraid to push those genre boundaries and sounds goddamn gorgeous to boot. Our recommendation? Get downloading mutha flippers!


SPEKTRE – Cyclic Operations – New Album Review

Spektre Cyclic OperationsFollowing our recent interview with Paul Maddox, one half of the techno duo SPEKTRE, we at TBC were very excited to receive a sneak preview link to the new production album ‘Cyclic Operations’ in our mailbox last week. The new album is released via Toolroom Records (see link below) on MP3 format on the 4th of November so you can all enjoy the album as much as we have very soon.


So TBCers, what did we think …………… Cyclic Operations will destroy your speakers and terrorise your neighbours but you won’t care as you will be jumping about your living room like a loon. We haven’t been able to get Betty to turn it off album repeat since we gave her the link, she’s gone through 6 pairs of speakers and had two eviction notices, quite a feat!

Down to the details, the album is a diverse collection of consistently well produced, forward thinking & club-ready tunes which is exactly what Paul promised us when we met him. The previously released first tune from the album, ‘Turbine’, is truly reflective of the general style of the album, its “Wub wub wub” sound is reminiscent of the old school classic Joyenergizer and the bonkers Amon Tobin Isam Tour. You hardcore SPEKTRE fans will of course already know this, so now for the unreleased tracks………. Listeners will be taken on a roller coaster ride from the banging ‘Reverion’ at the start of the album through some melodic, groovier numbers that we could imagine being dropped by Ellen Allien (‘Let Me Tell You’). ‘We Are One’ reminds us of the classic Martin Luther King sampled monologue in many a legendary track and we expect to hear this on plenty of dance floors soon. The trance heads among us will appreciate the inclusion of ‘Sense of Madness’ which has a rather distinct sample taking us back to the golden era of Trance at the end of the 90’s.

Our only negative point about the album was encountered about half way through our first listen as we were surprised at the length of the album and transition between banging techno and the experimental, interlude, classic infused tracks which would have been more suited to a split format; club and after party selection. This is a minor criticism of what overall we consider to be an excellent second album from the SPEKTRE boys.

As to our favourite personal tunes:

  • Helen – Steel City Sunrise – “epic finale”
  • Nick – Opus – “explosive, old-school, rave”

We hope you enjoy the album as much as we have, get downloading!!


1. Introduction – Spektre
2. Reverion – Spektre
3. Let Me Tell You – Spektre feat. Montserrat
4. We Are One – Spektre
5. Turbine – Spektre
6. Sense In Madness – Spektre
7. Forerunner – Spektre
8. Intersection – Spektre
9. Skuz – Spektre
10. Ghosts In The Machine – Spektre
11. Parabolica – Spektre
12. Intervention – Spektre
13. Opus – Spektre
14. Steel City Sunrise – Spektre
15. Cyclic Operations – Spektre DJ Mix