SPEKTRE – Cyclic Operations – New Album Review

Spektre Cyclic OperationsFollowing our recent interview with Paul Maddox, one half of the techno duo SPEKTRE, we at TBC were very excited to receive a sneak preview link to the new production album ‘Cyclic Operations’ in our mailbox last week. The new album is released via Toolroom Records (see link below) on MP3 format on the 4th of November so you can all enjoy the album as much as we have very soon.


So TBCers, what did we think …………… Cyclic Operations will destroy your speakers and terrorise your neighbours but you won’t care as you will be jumping about your living room like a loon. We haven’t been able to get Betty to turn it off album repeat since we gave her the link, she’s gone through 6 pairs of speakers and had two eviction notices, quite a feat!

Down to the details, the album is a diverse collection of consistently well produced, forward thinking & club-ready tunes which is exactly what Paul promised us when we met him. The previously released first tune from the album, ‘Turbine’, is truly reflective of the general style of the album, its “Wub wub wub” sound is reminiscent of the old school classic Joyenergizer and the bonkers Amon Tobin Isam Tour. You hardcore SPEKTRE fans will of course already know this, so now for the unreleased tracks………. Listeners will be taken on a roller coaster ride from the banging ‘Reverion’ at the start of the album through some melodic, groovier numbers that we could imagine being dropped by Ellen Allien (‘Let Me Tell You’). ‘We Are One’ reminds us of the classic Martin Luther King sampled monologue in many a legendary track and we expect to hear this on plenty of dance floors soon. The trance heads among us will appreciate the inclusion of ‘Sense of Madness’ which has a rather distinct sample taking us back to the golden era of Trance at the end of the 90’s.

Our only negative point about the album was encountered about half way through our first listen as we were surprised at the length of the album and transition between banging techno and the experimental, interlude, classic infused tracks which would have been more suited to a split format; club and after party selection. This is a minor criticism of what overall we consider to be an excellent second album from the SPEKTRE boys.

As to our favourite personal tunes:

  • Helen – Steel City Sunrise – “epic finale”
  • Nick – Opus – “explosive, old-school, rave”

We hope you enjoy the album as much as we have, get downloading!!


1. Introduction – Spektre
2. Reverion – Spektre
3. Let Me Tell You – Spektre feat. Montserrat
4. We Are One – Spektre
5. Turbine – Spektre
6. Sense In Madness – Spektre
7. Forerunner – Spektre
8. Intersection – Spektre
9. Skuz – Spektre
10. Ghosts In The Machine – Spektre
11. Parabolica – Spektre
12. Intervention – Spektre
13. Opus – Spektre
14. Steel City Sunrise – Spektre
15. Cyclic Operations – Spektre DJ Mix

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