TBC Lockdown Playlist – April 2020

Welcome to our latest playlist written during lockdown at TBC HQ. We haven’t posted for some time and we wanted to rekindle our website posts to share our latest listening with you during the lockdown period. We hope that this post finds you safe and healthy and you are able to seek out some of the albums that we have been listening to for your enjoyment in May.

At TBC HQ we have had an increased amount of time to listen to music due to a period of furlough and an existing period of maternity leave. We have recently installed a new wifi system so we are able to transmit music around the house from our desktop PC and hard drive plus we have our extensive CD and vinyl collection to call on. Each room is currently being used as a different room in a club so we have a chill out area, warm up, after party, techno, house and electro music rooms as you can see from the playlist.

We have also been watching a lot of the live stream DJ sets and hope to add these to the playlist for next month.

The list below are our recommendations with particular favourites marked with a star.


Agoria – Drift 

Bonobo – Black Sands

Dapayk Solo – Decade one 

Com Truise – Persuasion System *

COMA – In Technicolor 

Dave Clark – Devil’s Advocate *

Djrum – Portrait with Firewood

The Field – Infinite Movement

Four Tet – Sixteen Oceans

Function – Existenz

Grimes – Miss Anthropocene

HVOB – Rocco

Snuff Crew – Behind The Masks *

Spektre – Casting Shadows in no light

Tuff City Kids – Adolescent

Compilations and Mixes:

Berghain Vol.1 by Andre Galuzzi

Back To Mine by Nightmares on Wax

Fabric Presents Maribou State *

Ministry of Sound Session by Cajmere and Green Velvet *

Ministry of Sound presents Mashed by Ajax and Wok Djs

X Mix 2 pres Laurent Garnier – Destination Planet Dream

Watch the Ride by Andrew Weatherall

Vinyl Back Catalogue:

Scuba – Personality 

Various Artists – Dark Beat Detector 

Radiohead – OK Computer 

Ellen Allien – Berlinette 

Please respond with any feedback and other recommendations for us to include in the playlist for next month.

Stay safe and enjoy your lockdown raving.

TBC Review – BBC Essential Mix of the Year 2014


Pete Tong announced the shortlist for the Essential Mix of the year 2014 last weekend (6th December) and TBC thought it best that we had our own review of the shortlist and select our favourite.

The shortlist:

  1. Bicep
  2. Caribou
  3. Jon Hopkins
  4. Joy Orbison
  5. Ten Walls

Over the last week at TBC we have been re-listening to the Essential Mix of the year shortlist and boy have we had a good time. Boogying at lunch time at work, while driving in the car, walking to the shops and, of course, loudly at TBC HQ, basically whenever we got a spare second we have had the essential mixes on. It has been incredibly enjoyable to review some mixes which we hadn’t given too much time to when they were aired; Caribou and Joy Orbison, as well as reviewing the other mixes which we had thoroughly enjoyed on multiple occasions this year. It has to be said that 2014 was a great year for the essential mix and some great mixes didn’t quite make it into the shortlist. Amine Edge and Dance introduced us to G-House. Marcel Dettmann delivered a monstrous techno mix for the Easter holidays while we were away in NYC and Green Velvet blended his signature techno and electro sounds during the Summer which got us very excited at TBC. We were also throughly entertained by a multitude of music genres and diversity from the likes of Finnebassen, Bonobo, Anja Schneider, Gaiser, Matador, Jimmy Edgar, Kink, Steffi, Subb-an, Heidi and Huxley to name a few. We must all say thanks to Pete Tong and his team at the BBC for again curating an amazing year of Essential Mixes. Roll on 2015!

We have reviewed each mix individually, reduced the list to a top 3 and then selected our favourite, so here it goes.

-Bicep – Deep house’s representation in this years essential mix of the year shortlist. A great party vibe from the Northern Irish due Bicep with the odd harder edged electro or techno track thrown in for good measure, especially nearer the end. Highlights in the mix are; Agoria la Onzieme Marche and Ferrer & Sydenham Timbuktu (Jerome’s Afro Tonic Dub). There is also a superb sample courtesy of Arnold Schwarzenegger in reference to his body building days in Ireland which Bicep have found to introduce their mix and, we assume, hint at the basis for their DJ name. This mix is not quite a TBC favourite but is a great mix to have on at a party whether its pre/post clubbing.
-Caribou – A mix of two halves, one half by Caribou and one half by Daphni, who are the multiple personalities of the Canadian Daniel Snaith. The former is more eclectic, disco, alternative and the latter more dance floor and club focused. Unfortunately the mix doesn’t really take off at any stage and is mainly focused around the representation of the diverse musical knowledge of Caribou, which while providing a great opportunity to appreciate his musical talent does mean that there are less opportunities to get dancing and party hard. It is well mixed, the tune selection is excellent and it has a great structure but it doesn’t make it into the top 3 for TBC.
-Joy Orbison – This mix is raw, filled with amazing eclectic electronica with an urban feel that builds from slow, reggae style tracks at the start to banging techno towards the end. Turn the bass up, treasure the tracklist, find the artists and tracks who feature and track down a Joy Orbison live performance. This mix is so entertaining it had us listening to it back to back for 4 hours! That’s a rare occurrence at TBC, especially when considering we had missed this mix earlier in the 2014 Essential Mix calendar. The highlights of the mix; Lady Blacktronika Getting Heavy, Bruce Technostatic, Kowton Glock & Roll, Barnt’s double selection of Under his Own Name But Also as Sir and Chappell (one of TBC’s current big tunes), Fourtet Buchla and the tracks from Joy Orbison (solo and with Boddika).
-Jon Hopkins – the perfectionist live  show performance feel is what sets this mix apart. The progression and structure of the mix is excellent and is testament to Jon Hopkins skill as a live performer and composer. The mix is delivered via Logic, Ableton and various samples and tools which show off a more technical offering. A particular highlight is one of the best mixes and tune selections we have ever heard from I Breathe ak Horses called Faith (Field Remix) to Gary Beck’s Algoreal, this mix literally leaves you with goosebumps! The musical landscape created by Jon Hopkins is an aural pleasure! Also featuring are great tracks from Daniel Avery, Boddika and Joy Orbison, Clark and Mux Mool to name but a few.
-Ten Walls – This is the most club ready of the mixes and is brought to you by Mario Basanov in his live, progressive techno/electro guise Ten Walls, who produced one of the tracks of 2013; Gotham. This set is the tracklist of Summer 2014 for any one who ventured to dance music festivals at home or abroad, for TBC it was a perfect accompaniment to Melt Festival in Leipzig. The mix has the perfect balance; a great intro track from the Mass Effect Videograme Soundtrack (which is epic), then it builds through eclectic tracks such as Atom TM Ich Bin Meine Maschine to Helium Robots Jarza (Theo Parrish Translation 2). It then progresses with fan favourites such as &Me After Dark, Moderat Bad Kingdom (Dj Koze remix), his own Walking with Elephants. Ten Walls then shows off some of his favourites and less well known producers; a few tracks from Few Nolder (upcoming artist from Lithuania), an Eastern European sounding electro stormer from C.A.R. called Angelina, a beautiful moody track from Robinn called The Game is Now Over and ends with Plastikmans dark and haunting Consumer plus a final outro from the Mass Effect soundtrack.
The Top 3
  1. Ten Walls
  2. Jon Hopkins
  3. Joy Orbison

The top 3 is summarised by Club vs Perfection vs Raw, respectively. Ten Walls provides the mix most representative of TBC clubbing in 2014 and in particular Melt Festival which was one our highlights of the year, Jon Hopkins delivers a perfectionist live performance that you would expect from a live performer (similar to John Talabot currently, Paul Kalkbrenner a few years ago or, for the older ones, Junkie XL) and Joy Orbison hits you with a devastating raw mix of techno and dub that makes selecting one of the three as a favourite very difficult. The decision was difficult and the countless hours spent listening to the mixes, some a multiple of times for the full 120 minutes and others in segments to identify those key tracks, mixes and transitions that make a mix excel. However, finally after a lot of consideration, we made our call and gave Essential Mix of the year 2014 to Joy Orbison. It wouldn’t have been our selection when we first saw the list announced and choosing this mix over Ten Walls and Jon Hopkins was difficult when there were so many good things to say about these mixes but Joy Orbison literally blew us away. The style of the mix, the fact that he rarely performs live or records mixes, the severity of some of the tracks on the scale of heavy techno and the fact that we had rarely heard a mix from this DJ/producer before created a package that is hard not to love.

We look forward to hearing from the Essential Mix team and Pete Tong himself on who they will vote for the Essential Mix of the year 2014.

Looking forward to next year when we hope the level of the mixes remains of this calibre. The artists we would like to see next year are listed below, we hope that some feature.

Ellen Allien, Helena Hauf, Ben Klock, John Talabot, Modeselektor, Acid Pauli, Mister Saturday Night, Robert Hood, Pan Pot, Gary Beck, Shed, Oliver Koletzki, The Hacker, Oliver Schories, Objekt, Model 500, Tube & Berger, Spektre.
Thanks for reading and check out the mixes for yourself below. Tell us what you think.

SPEKTRE – Cyclic Operations – New Album Review

Spektre Cyclic OperationsFollowing our recent interview with Paul Maddox, one half of the techno duo SPEKTRE, we at TBC were very excited to receive a sneak preview link to the new production album ‘Cyclic Operations’ in our mailbox last week. The new album is released via Toolroom Records (see link below) on MP3 format on the 4th of November so you can all enjoy the album as much as we have very soon.


So TBCers, what did we think …………… Cyclic Operations will destroy your speakers and terrorise your neighbours but you won’t care as you will be jumping about your living room like a loon. We haven’t been able to get Betty to turn it off album repeat since we gave her the link, she’s gone through 6 pairs of speakers and had two eviction notices, quite a feat!

Down to the details, the album is a diverse collection of consistently well produced, forward thinking & club-ready tunes which is exactly what Paul promised us when we met him. The previously released first tune from the album, ‘Turbine’, is truly reflective of the general style of the album, its “Wub wub wub” sound is reminiscent of the old school classic Joyenergizer and the bonkers Amon Tobin Isam Tour. You hardcore SPEKTRE fans will of course already know this, so now for the unreleased tracks………. Listeners will be taken on a roller coaster ride from the banging ‘Reverion’ at the start of the album through some melodic, groovier numbers that we could imagine being dropped by Ellen Allien (‘Let Me Tell You’). ‘We Are One’ reminds us of the classic Martin Luther King sampled monologue in many a legendary track and we expect to hear this on plenty of dance floors soon. The trance heads among us will appreciate the inclusion of ‘Sense of Madness’ which has a rather distinct sample taking us back to the golden era of Trance at the end of the 90’s.

Our only negative point about the album was encountered about half way through our first listen as we were surprised at the length of the album and transition between banging techno and the experimental, interlude, classic infused tracks which would have been more suited to a split format; club and after party selection. This is a minor criticism of what overall we consider to be an excellent second album from the SPEKTRE boys.

As to our favourite personal tunes:

  • Helen – Steel City Sunrise – “epic finale”
  • Nick – Opus – “explosive, old-school, rave”

We hope you enjoy the album as much as we have, get downloading!!


1. Introduction – Spektre
2. Reverion – Spektre
3. Let Me Tell You – Spektre feat. Montserrat
4. We Are One – Spektre
5. Turbine – Spektre
6. Sense In Madness – Spektre
7. Forerunner – Spektre
8. Intersection – Spektre
9. Skuz – Spektre
10. Ghosts In The Machine – Spektre
11. Parabolica – Spektre
12. Intervention – Spektre
13. Opus – Spektre
14. Steel City Sunrise – Spektre
15. Cyclic Operations – Spektre DJ Mix

Interview with Paul Maddox – SPEKTRE

P1000810From bodyguards in Mexico to all day chess matches in Russia – Paul Maddox from Spektre certainly had some funny old tales to tell when TBC met up with him earlier this month. Read on for the lowdown on all things Spektre related from the local techno hero himself:


So Paul, what’s going on in the world of Spektre at the mo?

The new album which is out at the end of the summer. It’s all done now and we’re in the process of sorting out a launch party, probably in London. It’s coming out on Toolroom who I guess are best known for their more mainstream and house stuff, but they recently released a techno series called Rhythm District which has become kind of like a sub label. Umek also released an album on there but I reckon our new album will be the most full-on techno album on Toolroom so far!

What can listeners expect from the new album? Is it similar to Casting Shadows Without Light, or have Spektre changed their sound since the last album?


The new album is more clubby than Casting Shadows Without Light. For that album, with it being our first, myself and Rich had a lot of ideas and influences that we wanted to incorporate. Some of which were quite diverse, ranging from The Chemical Brothers to BT. The new album is a lot more focused.

What’s your favourite track off the new album?

Probably “Forerunner” cos its a good mix of doing something adventurous but keeping that dancefloor-friendly quality. It has a bit of a Prodigy, ravey aspect which I really like.

How have Toolroom been to work with?

Really good! I knew Matt from Toolroom from my Hardhouse days as he was also a DJ on that scene. All the guys who we deal with there are really sound too. We’re not selling CDs this time, just selling the album as downloads of all the tracks plus a mix. We will be doing some CDs as giveaways though.

So does this mean you will be touring?

We’re currently putting some dates together yeah. In the UK we’ll definitely be doing a London launch but we don’t tend to get booked that much to play in the UK. We did play at Collect in Sheffield a little while back though ………….

Yes, how was that?

Really good venue, I enjoyed that night. Loved it!

What about the crowd? How do Sheffield clubbers compare to other placed you’ve played? Wicked crowd! I knew about a third of them, haha. The pressure was on cos I knew they’d tell me if I messed anything up!

I also played a set at Mixed In Sheffield down at The Washington during Tramlines last year. It was rammed!

You live in Sheffield, what are your thoughts on the club scene at the moment?

It’s got a lot better. Around 2 years ago it was absolutely dead but now there’s quite a few people putting nights on. In Leeds and Manchester you get a lot of people putting on nights on the same night as each other and it creates competition which makes people strive to put on better nights. A bit of competition is definitely a good thing.

What’s the craziest gig you’ve ever played?

Probably Juarez in Mexico a few years ago – the then murder capital of the world! We had bodyguards walking us to the dj booth from the car and sticking around afterwards while we were playing and we saw armed police on the back of pick up trucks on the way to gigs. Nothing kicked off though and the crowd were really up for it. We actually went back there more recently though and things have calmed down a lot.

What about music, what tunes are on your iPod at the mo?

Techno wise – NAPLES! We have guest mixes on our podcast and it’s become a bit of a joke between us at the moment because they’re all from Naples! Recently we’ve had Sasha Carassi, Roberto Capuano and Luigi Madonna. We read a biog about them at the start of the podcast and it seems that every time they’re randomly from Naples! There’s loads of young producers from there as well like MDS and Hollen. Naples is the new Berlin – you heard it here first!

Other than techno – all sorts I’ve started a new side project doing slightly more musical stuff, with a more garagy influence. It’s called Human Development. We’ve done a couple of tracks so far and I’ve been talking to a couple of labels about a release, so watch this space. https://soundcloud.com/humandev

What’s your favourite techno tune?

Of all time? Anything by Hardfloor, Acperience being one of the best. Difficult to fit into any of our sets because the sound is so old school. When we played Space we dropped Golden Girls “Kinetic” which is one of the guys from Orbital and another of my favourite ever tunes.

Your record label Respekt what’s new for that?

We’ve just had a single of ours called Erase the Tapes doing well on beatport top 100 much as i’d like to ignore these things. It was a track that was going to be on the album. Jon Rundell has done a remix which has done really, really well.

Finally Paul tell us a funny DJing story……

We did a little tour in Russia and in between gigs the promoter said he was going to take us to his friend’s house. We envisaged going round to someone’s place, drinking a few beers, chilling out before the next gig. We drove 2 hours into the countryside and I was thinking – “where the hell are we going?”. We turned up at this massive, old house right out in the sticks and were greeted at the door by this big guy in a vest. I didn’t know what to think when we went inside but he had a bbq on the go and then bizarrely insisted we play chess with him – sound bloke, but that kind of thing only ever happens in Russia!

So TBCers look out for the new album from Spektre and book those tickets to Naples! Bonjourno new techno haven! Check Spektre out at http://www.spektre.co.uk