Axel Boman – ‘Family Vacation’, new album review


For those of you that are already feeling the Axel B sound after some of his previous releases such as ‘Purple Drank’ and ‘Holy Love’ hit the big time, you won’t be disappointed by his new, debut, album, ‘Family Vacation’. ‘Family Vacation’ is a sublime little album which takes the listener on a magic carpet ride throwing lots of experimental sounds and influences in along the way but maintaining that hallmark dreamy, blissed out Axel Boman style of house throughout.

If any of you TBCers were lucky enough to see Axel when he played at Cargo earlier in the month then you’ll know how varied this guy’s musical knowledge is and that certainly shines through on the album.

‘No Sweden’ has an Arabian Nights sound to it, Betty was strutting her stuff doing an impression of the Prince of Persia to this one!

‘Son of a plumber’ (not sure if the this is the sequel to ‘Son of a Preacher Man’?) has a really nice chunky percussion groove. Definitely one of the more danceable numbers on the album.

‘Barcelona’ is as delicious as the city itself with a slightly old school RnB tinge but seriously DO NOT let that put you off, it’s ace!

Word of warning though TBCers and this is especially going out to those who did see Axel at Cargo, his production style is very different to his DJing style. The album is far more relaxed and laid back than his upbeat, energetic club sets. In TBC’s view the perfect time to listen to ‘Family Vacation’ is on a train. Betty did and according to her it suited her environment exquisitely! All aboard! This isn’t one for blasting out before a big night out peeps be sure of that, it may have you reaching for your pjs rather than your spangly dancing shoes! Its brilliant for winding down at an after party though (when those pjs will no doubt be out and proud!)

All in all, ‘Family Vacation’ is an extremely well crafted debut which isn’t afraid to push those genre boundaries and sounds goddamn gorgeous to boot. Our recommendation? Get downloading mutha flippers!…/id730902587

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