Betty’s at it again …………..

Well Techno Troop, where do I begin. The last couple of weeks has been a time of wonder and amazement in the world of The Bitch (TM). Knowing that techno is the true and literal love of my life you will probably have some idea at how happy I was to set foot in a festival tent where the line up was Jeff Mills, followed by Skirt followed by Karenn with Surgeon and Marcel Dettman bringing up the rear. Yes TBCers I’m talking about Mint Fest and I’m talking about the dirty, dark cavern of dreams that was the Black Light arena! OH MY DAYS THAT SHIT WAS HOT! I gyrated like a wild animal for around 10 hours only breaking the techno marathon with 2 hours of aural pleasure from the Innervisions god himself, Dixon, headlining the System Tent. What a joyous occasion was had by all my little minty fresh crew. I can’t possibly not mention the hideous discovery I made when observing any festival goer other than the infinitely cool inhabitants of Black Light though. 2 words: 90s throwbacks! WTF? Huge neon pink caps with studs and a wife beater does not a great festival look make mate! Yes, my ex Biggie Smalls could pull it off in the 90s but he was waaaaaaaay cooler than you! Get a grip!

Anyway, rant over! I am now decidedly excited about my next techno soiree tonight – the much anticipated/salivated over Collect Weekender! Dixon, Stephan Bodzin, – Come to Mama!

And blog round 2 ……………… oh my freaking god – Collect was INCREDIBLEUGH! Seriously guys, I was just blown away by the glory of this night. Every single DJ on the line up completely smashed all of my (very high) expectations into smithereens. On top of that, Collect have managed to create such a feel good, positive vibe where even some one as cool as a cucumber like me could not help but beam from ear to ear at every gorgeous little clubber in that place! I won’t go into details now TBCers but watch this space for a very special interview with the Collect boys along with a full review of the night in the very near future! Until then cherry pies!