Betty goes stateside…..




New Yaaaaaaaaawk! New Yaaaaaaaak! This is all I’ve been singing since I got back from the Big Apple for my Easter boogie transatlantic party jaunt! My base for my week of debauchery was an exquisite apartment slap bang in the middle of coolest of the cool areas in Brooklyn – Williamsburg! My hostess was a sensational Russian Sex Bomb with a love of prescription drugs and sexual experimentation. One word FANTANTRIC! I dined in the Spice Market and I sunk super strong cocktails on The Whyte Hotel’s delicious roof terrace taking in the views of the Manhattan skyline over the East River. After drinking my fill of Bloody Mary’s and waltzing around a plethora of Brooklyn’s über cool record shops in an extremely focused way, I focused my mind on what I had really come to NYC to do – P P P PARRRRRRTY!


Verboten, a long running New York night was the first stop on my New York party tour. Luckily this club had just opened in its new home right on the next street to my Russian friend’s party pad! Also luckily, my current house obsession – Lee Burridge was playing a 4 hour set! Hellllloooooooo perfect first New York night out! We got into the club and everything looked swell with beautiful decor and crazy lighting. Lee Burridge’s soul caressing sounds were made even more amazing by the sound system which made me feel like I was wrapped in a warm blanket of smooth house. However, ladies and gents that’s where the fun stopped and annoyance began. The club was full of teenagers who looked like they would be more at home at Embrace in Sheffield than the chic yet grimy dance floors I know and love! After seeing one too many jock/cheerleaders sucking face and being barged by one too many drunken buffoons I realised that I needed to leave. It costs money to touch this bitch don’t ya know (plus my arm might fall off!). From now on Verboten ist Verboten!


I realised that night 2 was gonna be far more my kind of thing when I saw the announcement for the event location. BLKmarket membership had only gone and taken over 88 Palace – a carpeted Chinese restaurant on the top of a Chinese shopping mall underneath Manhattan Bridge. Yes we saw rats on the way there, yes we saw an abundance of waving Chinese cats in every single shop window and yes the restaurant owner was there looking like he was about to have cardiac arrest! The restaurant had been transformed into the kind of back street, techno haven that I simply adore! Dark and dirty with only the scary visuals projected from behind the DJ booth and the wonderful sounds of Matt Dekay for me to lose myself in! Not a snogging kid in sight – thank fack! We boogied our asses off and hands down put those Americans with there terrible dancing to shame! Loosen up brothas and sistas!


The rest of the holiday was spent in a haze of bottles, techno and wigs. Heaven! NYC I had the most ridiculous amount of fun and I will be back but until then I really need to wake up after all this partying …………… better call Dr Schwartz!




2013 Playlist Review & Best Album


Our first calendar year at TBC has come to an end and we are settling in to 2014 with a quiet January after a busy Christmas holiday period and the TBC adventure in Thailand over the New Year. Wow what a year 2013 was, our TBC blog was launched in April, we had our launch party in August and have been updating the blog and planning for 2014 (including our first proper club night) for the remainder of the time. We are so grateful for everyone’s input, feedback, help, appreciation, messages and the reception our blog and the TBC concept has experienced.

As is tradition with all those involved in the music industry the annual ‘best of’ lists have been published and there has been a plethora of playlists, album charts and articles to trawl through. We all have our favourites and many of the official articles via Resident Advisor, Bleep, FACT et al. are read by thousands of people and offer an opportunity to see if your favourite albums have been included and a great chance to pick up on some of the dark horse entries or albums you may have missed. Here at TBC we have been posting our playlists to share what we have been listening to and what our favourite albums at that moment were and felt it appropriate to offer our own annual review  and select our favourite release from 2013.

The shortlist of our ‘best of’ selections:

22nd – 28th July – Resident Advisor Podcast #373 – Helena Hauff (2013) *

29th July – 4th August – Tsugi Sampler 59 – Brodinski pres. Bromance Los Angeles (2013)*

2nd – 15th July -Disconnect/Reconnect – Japanese Popstars (2013)*

28th October – 22nd November – John Talabot – Dj Kicks (2013)*

December 2013 – Kolsch – 1977 (2013) *

On review of the official articles there are some gems that may not have featured in our playlists so we thought it best to include a shortlist to include in our annual review:

FACT magazine/ Resident Advisor – The Inheritors – James Holden

FACT Magazine – Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself – Omar S

Crack Magazine – Immunity – Jon Hopkins

Of these gems above there were two which had slipped through our net at TBC; the new James Holden album was listened to on its release but not fully appreciated on a first and only listen, the Omar S album had been entirely missed (understandable with the high volume of music that graces our speakers every month), both on review are excellent albums. James Holden once again tests your resolve and patience as the album is a grower and an ‘intelligent’ listen as there is a lot to take in and appreciate. Omar S has compiled an LP of instant classic house and techno numbers that would sit well in any playlist or live set. The latter release from Jon Hopkins was from early 2013 and hadn’t made it into our playlists as it was not new at the time but it has been a repeat listen at TBC HQ and it is without a doubt one of the best releases of 2013 and had we started our playlists earlier a dead cert for one of our ‘*’ recommendations.

There are also a number of albums/mixes that made our TBC playlists each month and did not feature on our shortlist but have continued to entertain us and therefore require a special mention:

DJ T. presents 25 Years of DJing 1988-2012 Part 1 – Get Physical (2013)

Renaissance the Mix Collection by Tiefschwarz (2013)

Axel Boman – Family Vacation (2013)

Bloody Mary – Wilde Podcast #013 (2011)

Four Tet – Beautiful Rewind (2013)

We have also been lucky to have a number of alternative electronica releases in 2013 that have really hit the mark and either stamped a new artist on the map or reaffirmed what we all expected from some of the industry stalwarts and legends. The alternative shortlist:

Rudimental – Home (2013)

Dexter – The Trip (2013)

The Bullitts – They Die by Dawn (2013)*

Atoms for Peace – AMOK (2013)

Daft Punk – Random Access Memories (2013)

Of the alternative releases our most anticipated and enjoyed has been the debut release from the Bullitts (Jeymes Samuel) titles They Die by Dawn. Ever since the viral internet success of Supercool and its hilarious video of the dancing tramp (Jeymes Samuel himself) in London with Rosario Dawson this release was eagerly awaited and it did not let us at TBC down. The album was also utilised on a short film with the same name of which we are still awaiting to see but i’m sure this is equally as brilliant. The Bullitts remain a big one to watch in 2014 and the sheer diversity and quality in production is something to admire.

Having rambled on for far too long now it is time to select from the releases above and award our TBC release of 2014 which will not only have the standard ‘*’ applied but will be illustrated in…wait for it….CAPITAL LETTERS (to emphasise its superstar quality) and receive a few extra stars. It has been difficult to critically review each playlist entry and therefore having to select just one release for the whole year and to sum up the 5 playlists posted in 2013 has been complicated and lead to some heated debates here at TBC HQ, especially when Betty gets involved! The late addition of Immunity from Jon Hopkins did not make the decision any easier as it is a top album and will remain on the TBC speakers into 2014. It was a very big year for Jon Hopkins as he not only released his LP but also wow’ed everyone with his FACT podcast and even had time to release a movie soundtrack for How I Live Now. However it came down to two; Helena Hauff’s Resident Advisor Podcast and the DJ Kicks release from John Talabot. Both were enjoyed multiple times over the Xmas period and while away in Thailand on our travels and neither fail to amaze or falter on repeat listens which is testament to their quality and longevity. After extended deliberations our favourite release from 2013 is:


Put quite simply this compilation from the Talaboman is superb and deserves the title of release of 2013. It shone among three amazing DJ Kicks releases in 2013, it manages to incorporate a beautiful transition of blissed out electronic music to house and techno that impulsively has you bopping or dancing about and can be enjoyed at any time of the day when relaxing, pre-partying, partying or after-partying (which we do our fair bit of at TBC).

Thanks for reading we look forward to bringing you the best music in 2014.

Happy New Year to all our TBC followers.