Betty Bitch Blogs Again


Howdy dudey TBCers, it’s that time of year again! Yes, yes ya’ll, I’m talking Tram to the Lines! I’m currently recovering after a non-stop musical magic carpet Megaride around my all time favourite city and home! Friday saw Dense and Pika belting it out in true technotastic fashion at DLS. The only problem was how damn popular this place was! To arrive and be told the queue is likely to last 4 hours, wasn’t exactly what I’d been hoping to hear as I prepped myself for my glam entrance! Thank The Lord, I could just call my darling friends who run the place to usher me in the back door! It’s all about the contacts baby! Saturday saw my old Hacienda buddy Graeme Park take to the decks at Viper Rooms but I didn’t stay there long, the crowd simply weren’t cool enough! Bloo 88 terrace for Delve Deeper on the other hand was cool as cool can be. Oh how I adored dancing to those sublime house tunes. Look out for more parties there over the summer folks it’s the sunshine venue to see and be seen at! Laters techno tartlets!

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