TBC Playlist 22.07 to 28.07

P1000864-Apparat; Tttrial & Eror (2002) & Duplex (2003)

-Ministry of Sound – Chilled House Sessions Vol.4 (2013)

-BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix – Todd Terje (2013)

-Brontosaurus – A Retrospective Collection (2013)

-Ben Sims – Smoke & Mirrors (2011)

-Will Saul press. Close – Getting Closer (2013)

-FACT Magazine Podcast #388 – Jon Hopkins (2013)

-Gorillaz – Gorillaz (2001)

-Renaissance Mix Collection – Francois K (2013)

-Get Lost VI – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs(2013)

-Balance Pres. Guy J (2013)

-Resident Advisor Podcast #373 – Helena Hauff (2013) *

-Masterpiece created by Carl Craig (2013)

-Defected pres. Loco Dice in the House (2013)

-The Bullitts – They Die by Dawn (2013)

-Infine by Jean Michele Jarre (2013)

-Atoms for Peace – AMOK (2013)

-Letherette – Letherette (2013)

To start the music blog posts from the TBC crew we have a playlist of what we have been listening to this week. Those highlighted in bold are our particular highlights and the one with a * next to it is our pick of the week.

After a particularly heavy two months of jet setting, partying, clubbing and general debauchery we have a varied selection for the playlist this week. We are expecting a few to ask “Where’s all the techno?!” and this is a valid question. This is a somewhat eclectic collection of music that has been aired in our humble abode this week and while we have been out and about. Music appreciation is the key ; Disco, Electronica, Pop, House have all been enjoyed during a rare period of R&R.

Such a great playlist that includes some brilliant recent releases like Brontosaurus’s (Permanent Vacation) collection of previous releases with some great Arto Mwambe tracks, the new Get Lost mix compilation (Crosstown Rebels) from TEED with a particularly tasty 2nd disc of electro, techno and rave tracks and the new Defected release via Loco Dice which is a groovy little number indeed. There are some classic gems like AMOK from Atoms for Peace (Thom Yorke et al) which grows on you every time you listen to it, it’s epic, and the original Gorillaz album from Damon Albarn’s crew which was selected due to a recent showing at Glastonbury with the legend bobby Womack.

It was very hard to choose our favourites and our pick of the week as you might imagine, however the highlights this week:

-BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix – Todd Terje (2013) – This new edition to the essential mix arsenal and what a great bit of recruitment by Pete Tong as Todd Terje is a Norwegian Disco legend! From start to finish this mix never ceases to make you smile, bop away and want to steal Todd Terje’s record box.

-FACT Magazine Podcast #388 – Jon Hopkins (2013) – The FACT podcast series was a treasure trove of mine for some time however in recent months I had abandoned the series due to some substandard editions. My lack of faith was misplaced because at a recent friends party when questioned what mix they had put on, as I was jealous that I did not have this mix in my repertoire, I was informed it was the Jon Hopkins FACT podcast. Having recently enjoyed his Immunity album this mix picks up where his album left off. It is a moody, proggy journey of aural pleasure and is a must to download (http://www.factmag.com/2013/06/24/fact-mix-388-jon-hopkins), get it while you can!

-Balance Pres. Guy J (2013) – Ever since Guy J came on the scene a few years back, championed by Jon Digweed on his Bedrock record label, TBC have enjoyed partying to Guy J’s tracks and mixes. This new release on the critically acclaimed Balance series is another gem. Progressing from the blissed out to the (surprisingly) heavier tech-edged tracks this mix is one for all collections.

-Resident Advisor Podcast #373 – Helena Hauff (2013) * – This mix is head and shoulders above all of the other mixes listened to this week. Helena Hauff is a new name to TBC but one which we hope to hear a lot more from. Helena is yet another amazing techno DJ to hail from Germany (Hamburg) and is similar in sound to Anthony Rother, old skool Gigolo records (courtesy of DJ hell) and Le Chic (Susana Munoz & REKA) and provides 74 minutes of electro-techno destroyers. This mix has enjoyed the highest play count, the loudest volume and most appreciation. Yet another podcast not to be missed – http://www.residentadvisor.net/podcast-episode.aspx?id=373

We will bring you weekly playlists and regular reviews so please come back for more!

2 thoughts on “TBC Playlist 22.07 to 28.07”

    1. Listened to this one a while ago mate, its an April Essential Mix. Good mix from what seems like two little kids (they look about 12). Have it on the hard drive as i’m an avid Saturday morning EM download fan. As we didnt listen to it last week it wouldn’t go on the playlist but a good mix.

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