Betty Bitch…………

Well TBCers…………..where the hell do I begin? That was quite a humdinger of a bank holiday weekend! I’ve been left with rather a windswept look as you can see after a mind blowing 14 hour party! Yes party people I’m talking my very own, TBC launch party! It was faaaaaaaaaabalooooous! I bopped away to the delicious disco sounds of Lukey Symonds followed by techno paradise from Si Bryan, James Avery and Omar El Gohary! I shared my podium with super stylish pink flamingos, cutey animal umbrellas and my FB Oro the super sexy Gold Mannequin! Boy does he know how to party in style, sometimes I think he’s almost as cool as me! (Then I get back in the real world and remember that frankly I’m the coolest person on the planet!) I massively enjoyed getting up to mischief with all the TBC family and CANNOT WAIT for our next pandemonium filled party!!! Watch this space TBCers because next time, you’re all invited! Be there or be triangular!!!!


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