Betty Bitch ………………..


20th April 2013
Helloooooo my perfect little sailors! Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine today and getting in the mood for an all round amazing techno heaven Summer! What better way to start the weekend than with the melodic sounds of Catz and Dogz on the Essential Mix. Errrrrr hello sun drenched Saturday morning perfection!!!! Currently listening to this for the second time today (!) yes I am obsessed and you should be too darlings! Hit that download button and quick sharp!
Had a lovely little jaunt into town earlier and down to the Old Grain Warehouse to catch up with my buddies at Connect the Dots! Check out the interview with Abdullah Al-wali who helped to curate this exciting event! Safe to say I enjoyed getting whacky in the warehouse, had my mind blown by a giant Spirograph and looked with awe at Shaun Bloodworth’s wonderful photography of Berlin! He da man! And the music, hmmm the music. One word: Reggae……….REGGAE?!!! Emm put techno on immediately! They didn’t, Madness came on, I left!

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