Mixed in Sheffield 02.03.2013


It’s fair to say, the hype about this night had been LARGE!!! Blawan, the  Barnsley Boy done good playing what can surely only be described as a home coming gig with his  Hessle Audio buddy Pangea.  Tongues they were a wagging months in advance and TBC was majorly excited about seeing one of it’s favourite djs of 2012 in the Steel City. So ladies and gentleman, did it live up to expectations? Well, …………………………….where do we begin?

The queue to enter the venue would probably be a good start! From this initial eavesdropping/shivering period , we could safely say, so far, so good. The other clubbers in the queue appeared to be mainly students of the friendly, up for it, generally decent variety! Pre paid tickets only at this stage (12.30am) as large demand had meant only a limited amount of on the door availability.

Once inside it was time to check out the venue. This was TBC’s first outing to Hopeworks, the relatively new warehouse venue opened by Dan Sane head honcho, Liam O’Shea. It certainly packed a punch once inside. Busy already, with huge screen projections behind the DJ booth which added to the venue’s, gritty, raw, industrial edge! The main thing this venue had to offer though is a bang in the face sound system. The venue on the whole, is gritty and I mean gritty! If you like that kind if thing, and I do, all well and good but be prepared. There’s no cloakroom and putting your coat near you next to the wall will inevitably mean you leave the club looking like you’ve just been mud wrestling. But hey, it’s Sheffield and we like that kind of thing!

Dj wise we were greeted by the funky yet industrial grooves of local hero Chris Duckenfield followed by the consistently solid techno we have come to expect from resident Loshea. Pangea was up next. While TBC was really looking forward to checking out this UK fave, it has to be said that he was very much a let down! The 2 hours of Pangea’s set can only be described as an endurance test seen through only to get to hear Blawan on the other side! His set was disjointed and lacked any kind of flow. Not good readers, not good! However, Blawan did not disappoint and was well worth the wait! He tonked out techno through the bonkers sound system like nobody’s business and was generally awesome! He definitely played harder than any of the other times TBC has seen him, which are numerous over the past 12 months. Such banging techno was completely fitting for Hope Works at 4am! The crowd bloody loved it and the place was still going wild at 7am! It really was an excitement to see such a big name in Sheffield and it can safely be said that the local clubbers have really had their appetite’s whet for more of the same over the coming months!

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