Dense and Pika, Glimpse and Alex Jones!

 From the moment TBC walked into the familiar DLS courtyard it quickly became apparent that the vibe down at the city’s most talked about warehouse venue was different to any Collect night TBC had been to before. The crowd at Collect has always been second to none in the steel city and reminiscent of the old Urban Gorilla party goers. However tonight……tonight there was something even more exciting in the air! Not that the crowd weren’t as cool, down to earth and friendly as normal, fear not readers, TBC had just as many random conversations with lovely Sheffield folk while having a chill in the court yard, were apologised to on more than one occasion when people accidently bumped into us on the dancefloor and were generally beamed at by all and sundry in this wonderful venue. It was the sheer size of the crowd and general popularity of the night that had transformed from reasonably busy gathering of those in the know to absolutely bonkers techno party! Whether it is word of mouth or the “Faction Factor” this night has kicked off and is now on a whole new level in terms of Sheffield clubbing!

Sir Vinyl Instinct opened the proceedings in the main room with some extremely dreamy, deep house. The biggest crowd of the night congregated in the main room to hear the Itchy Pig Head Honcho’s set and his uplifting tunes kicked the night off perfectly. Dense and Pika were up next and produced what can only be described as an hour of sheer mentalness as the crowd went wild to their ridiculously hard, bonkers, techno!!! There is a lot of hype surrounding these two Hotflush djs at the moment and TBC can confirm, they lived up to it and a lot more.

There was mild panic at Collect Towers in the hours before the night began as Locked Groove couldn’t make it to the UK due to an airport closure. Despite making real efforts to try and make it, it just wasn’t to be for Dense and Pika’s label mate at Hotflush. However, being the kind and generous people that they are, Dense and Pika provided a very VERY good solution to the problem. They agreed to play an extra hour and a half set EACH as their alter egos and well renowned dj aliases, Alex Jones and Glimpse!!!! Alex Jones was up first spinning an eclectic mix of house, techno, hip hop and drum and bass. Glimpse then took the batten and gave the Collect massive some seriously sexy house to jump around to! As you will have gathered, the music in the main room was varied with each set of the night but what was markedly consistent was the sheer quality of the music that was pumping on to the dance floor from start finish!

You may think that Collect attendees had been spoiled rotten by the music they had had the pleasure of hearing and dancing to that night and indeed we had! However, it didn’t end there………..and staggeringly the set that was to follow was the highlight of the night! Alex Jones and Glimpse having already played for 3 hours longer than they were originally booked for were clearly enjoying themselves far too much to leave it there. At 5am, the Collect crowd were expecting to hear the wonderful sounds of the brilliant Collect Residents – Set 2 and John Gillett but instead Alex Jones and Glimpse refused to leave the dj booth (whoopee!) and played on back to back! They played house and techno classics, those tunes that you always wanted to hear in a club but until that point had had to make do with dancing like a loon to in the comfort of your own home! Anthony Rother “Mother” and Mathew Jonson “Decompression” are particular examples that stick out in TBC’s mind! When TBC left the club at 7am Alex Jones and Glimpse were still going and the crowd, which was still pretty damn large, were still going mad for it! A very special night for Sheffield that’s for sure. With Room 2 being kept extremely happy by the splendid sounds of Kuijo and the Hold it Down crew, it was a night to remember for all those who attended!

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