‘Wilde Liebe’ – new album review


When asked to review the first compilation from the Wilde record label its safe to say that TBC were whooping for joy.  Wilde is home to an amazing array of artists as diverse as Tiefschwarz and Heidi. Furthermore, TBC went to the Wilde boat party at Sonar a few years back and despite some seriously choppy waves and questionable dance moves it was clear that Wilde know how to throw a super cool party.

“Wilde Liebe” is the first compilation release from the Wilde family to mark its 10th anniversary and it showcases recent releases from the Wilde artists. “Ok”, I hear you cry, “it’s a great label but is the compilation any good?” Well TBCers its not exactly bad but it isn’t all that good either. There are some great individual tunes such as: Tiefschwarz  – “Voices” which is a classically Tiefschwarz haunting, dark, electro number with some soul grazing bass. Atapy – “Finding You” has some really satisfying noises going on and continues the dark theme with a rather disturbing, distorted vocal. The compilation closer is a perfect little Burning Man style trippy, spacey number, “Albin” by Kenny Leaven.

All in all however, this album is inoffensive but distinctly mediocre. TBC have had a good few listens now and found that each time we did, we kind of forgot we were supposed to be reviewing the album and ended up having to remind ourselves to listen which really isn’t how it should be. It just didn’t grab us. You may feel differently so take a look at the track list below and if it seems like your thing give it a download. We would recommend the individual tracks listed above but as a whole, from us, the compilation doesn’t get a thumbs up.

01 Pilocka Krach – Superboy

02 DIA – Spot On

03 Djuma Soundsystem – Chick

04 Daniel Wilde – Prairie

05 Lewis Boardman – Yeah

06 Daniel Dexter – Eclipse

07 Sierra Sam – House in my house

08 The Jaydes – Hidden Pleasure

09 Ian Pooley – Flash 78

10 Tim Xavier – Memory Man

11 Tiefschwarz – Voices

12 Atapy – Finding You

13 Christian Prommer – Betchugona

14 Chris Wood & Meat – Make it Raw

15 Acid Washed & Stuff – Move On

16 Kenny Leaven – Albin