Cargo Loading Bay Party 26.5.13

Cargo has long been the go to night for Sunday bank holiday fun in Sheffield and for this May bank holiday they brought house legend DJ Sneak to the Steel City. TBC however,  were far more excited about the day time events Cargo had to offer! This night has consistently brought quality parties to Sheffield for bank holiday with their sister party Mango on the BRB Terrace being a TBC staple and also the frankly insane loading bay party at Corporation in 2011. That day went down in Sheffield clubbing history not least because the bass was so intense the party got shut down by the environmental health!

This time saw the party move to the Fez loading bay but loading bay it was all the same! TBC got there fairly early to make the most of those sunny rays and we were greeted by the lovely Sir Vinyl Instinct complimenting the sunshine with some laid back, funky, old skool disco. TBC were the only peeps on the dance floor at this stage but did we care? Erm………….no! These disco vibes were just too dang good to sit and chat! The bar was packed with delicious cocktail ingredients and boy were those Brambles tasty, adding a bit of glamour to the edgy car park surroundings! Hunee was the main event outside and as the sun set over Sheffield he graced the decks looking exceptionally dapper in suit and bow tie no less (what was I saying about glamour?). He upped the pace with some seriously danceable electro and really the got crowd going which by this point was packing out the dance floor! A particular highlight was Daphni “Ye Ye”. I distinctly remember TBC going a bit mental at that point! So as far as living up to very high bank holiday expectations, Cargo loading bay party did not disappoint and reminded everyone there that there’s something just so Sheffield about having a party in a car park with a concrete jungle of a back drop and some seriously epic tunes.


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